Comprehensive list of questions and answers

General Questions

What are the benefits in buying online policy?

The filling of online application form helps you to save time and avoid unnecessary paper work. This will also help to process the application faster and the chances of the mistakes are negligible.

What is the expected time for my policy to be issued?

The time expected for the policy issuance is 15 working days. However, it can take a longer time depending on the fulfilment of the medical and non medical requirement.

If I wish to withdraw my application process pre-issuance, what is the procedure?

To withdraw the application process in between you need to give a request in writing stating the proper reasons behind it. You can send the scanned copy of such declaration on our customer care ID

If I wish to withdraw my policy post-issuance, what is the procedure?

To withdraw your policy post-issuance, you need to give a request in writing stating the reasons behind it. The policy can only be cancelled within the 15 days (30 days in case of online purchase) of receiving the policy document which is also known as Freelook period. Also, you need to submit the Policy document that you have received along with the request letter.

What are standard rate and substandard rate and how are they different?

Insurance underwriters use a variety of risk classifications when determining your eligibility and the premium you pay for insurance. Policyholders are typically quoted at a standard rate, this rate changes depending on the additional information obtained during the risk assessment. Therefore, a substandard rate contain the provision of higher premiums because of the greater risk carried by insured due to medicals and non medical reasons.

Why there is a Premium differential for smoker and non smoker?

According to current rules and regulations, it is customary to charge more premium from smokers than non smokers as there is more risk involved in insuring a smoker. A non smoker has less risk involved as smoker is more immune to diseases and illness therefore increasing the risk of the insurer.

Will I get entire refund if I cancel the policy before issuance?

The Premium that you have paid will be refunded to you after deducting the payment gateway transaction charges and the charges for the medical test (If you have undergone one).

What is the amount that I will get on cancellation of my policy in Freelook period?

The balance premium after deducting the stamp duty, medical cost and proportionate risk charges will be refunded. The amount will be directly credited to your account.


Online Application/Portal Related

Will I get any personal assistance on online policy? Who will be my contact point for any further queries?

Provision for personal assistance is available only if you request operator assistance. You can click on the "Request Operator Assistance" button and leave your number to get a call from us. Once you purchase a policy an exclusive DSE (Dedicated Support Executive) will be assigned as soon as your application is filled successfully. You will receive an email stating the details of DSE who can be directly contacted for any guidance & further assistance.

What are the various self - help available under online portal?

Toll free number: 1800 2121 212
Request Operator Assistance - Service Expert will call you to solve the queries.

Will there be a unique ID for future reference when I fill the online application form?

There will be a unique application number generated as soon as you successfully complete the filling of online application form. This unique application ID will be used for your future reference.

Can I save the application form? For how many days is it available?

The application form gets automatically saved every time you click on the "Next" button. There is also a manual option to save the form so that you need not fill the details all over again. A temporary application ID will be generated and sent to you on your email ID. Within 30 days of saving the form, you can fill the remaining form and complete the application process.

If my session expires, then how can I restore my application?

The session doesn’t expire so that the customer can fill up the details at their own convenience.

Can I write different addresses as correspondence and permanent address? Where will all the communication regarding my policy be sent?

Yes. You can write a different communication and permanent address. All the policy related communication will be sent to your correspondence address.

What are the most common mistakes made while filling up the form?

(a)Missing KYC Documents
(b)Address mentioned does not match with the supporting documents and Pin Code being absent in some cases

I don't have a scanning facility with me? What is the alternate available?

There is an option to ask for the pick-up of documents. The Courier Company will collect the documents from the place and time specified by you. This facility is not chargeable and is specifically made for your convenience.

What is the maximum size (in MB) of a document which can be uploaded?

The maximum size of the document to be uploaded can be up to 10 MB per document. However, it would be preferred if the size of the document is less.

What is the maximum size (in MB) of a photograph which can be uploaded? Can a black & white photograph be uploaded?

The maximum size of photograph acceptable is 10 MB. Only the recent passport size Colour photograph is acceptable for your application process.

How will be my medical check-up arranged if I am filling online form and who will organize for it?

The medical checkup will be arranged by the company after the receipt of the documents and premium payment. The Third Party Administrator will call you and fix an appointment for the earliest possible date. Medical check-up is an essential part of application process therefore it can be done anywhere in India as per your convenience. Medical checkup can also be done at your residence or office

Will I get a copy of proposal form?

Yes, after the successful completion of the application form, a PDF file will be generated consisting of the details that you have filled online. You can save this file for your future reference

How will I rectify the mistake made in filling of online form after the PDF is generated?

If there is any mistake in the PDF generated then you have an option to go back and rectify the mistake. A new PDF will be generated after you have made the necessary changes.

While filling the online form if my system gets hanged, will I lose all the data saved?

After giving your personal details, your information is saved automatically. A temporary application ID will be generated and sent to you on your email ID. Within 30 days of saving the form, you can fill the remaining form and complete the application process.


Payment Related

What are the various payment options available to make the payment online?

The payment can be made by Credit card, Debit card and Net Banking (45+ Banks). After you have made the payment, a transaction receipt will be sent to you by email for future reference.

What should I do if my payment transaction gets failed?

In case your payment transaction fails, you will be returned to the payment screen where you can choose a different payment instrument to make the premium payment. You do not need to fill the application form again.

My account is debited still I did not get the success message on the screen?

You will need to write an email to with the transaction ID and date of payment. Please mention your full name and email ID (which you have used in the online application form). Post verification of your payment, we will proceed with processing your application form and notify you of further action from your end.


Insurance Application Related

My name has changed after marriage. All my supporting documents are available in my maiden name. In this case, do you advise me to fill the form in my maiden name or the name after marriage?

Please mention the name in the same manner in which you want your name on the policy document. The company wants you to exercise your discretion. You can give a written declaration stating your maiden name and the name after the marriage along with the documents which contain your maiden name.

I am salaried and also have a practice of my own. Should I select multiple options under occupation?

Please select the occupation that reflects a larger percentage of your income or the one that requires more working hours from you

My salary is confidential, why should I need to mention in the proposal form?

The amount of insurance cover a person is eligible is a function of his/her present earning capacity. Your annual income determines the maximum amount of insurance which we can provide. You can be assured the information submitted by you is confidential and will be used by us only to assess the insurance cover requested by the life assured in the proposal form.

I have a previous medical history, which I have mentioned 'yes' under Medical and health records. What information would you require of my previous medical history?

We require details about your medical condition, the diagnosis and treatment records from the hospital and the medication administered to you during the same period. If you are currently under medication kindly mention the same. Please upload the records of your treatment and diagnosis with your other documents.

Do I have an option to nominate multiple nominees?

A nominee is the person who receives the proceeds of an insurance policy in the event of death of the life assured. Currently, you can nominate only one person and the nominee should be in your immediate blood relation. For example: Grandparents, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse or Children.

Why is an appointee required if I wish to nominate my child as nominee?

An appointee is required when nomination is in favour of a minor. A minor cannot give a valid discharge to an insurance company, hence we require the details of an appointee (who is a major) to receive the proceeds of the policy in lieu of the minor. You can nominate only one person as an appointee and the appointee should be in your immediate blood relation. For example: Grandparents, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister or Spouse

Should I include my sibling details while filling up the family details?

Please mention the details of your parents, siblings and spouse with their correct age and health status.

What are the various documents required for filling up the form?

The documents required for filling the online application form are ID proof, Age proof, Residence Proof and Income Proof.

I don't have either of the documents for my ID proof? Is there any alternate available?

As per current KYC (Know Your Customer) rules and regulations, we require one of the documents mentioned in ID Proof Category.


Claims Related

What is the Claims process followed by the Company?

• Intimation to be provided by the claimant to Edelweiss Tokio Life
• On receipt of the written intimation Edelweiss Tokio Life to raise requirement required for processing the claim
• Claimant to submit all the requisite documents
• Edelweiss Tokio Life to take a decision on the claim after receipt of all the documents

When & How can the claim be notified?

All Claims including death claims should be intimated as soon as possible vide the following channels.
a. Online
b. Customer Care Number 1-800-2121-212
c. Visit your Nearest branch
To know more about the same, please log on to

From where do I get a life insurance claim form ?

The list of documents have been categorically mentioned and uploaded on our website

Where are the Claim forms required to be submitted?

The duly filled claim forms are to be submitted at the nearest branch or at the below mentioned address:
3rd & 4th Floor, Tower 3, Wing 'B',
Kohinoor City Mall, Kohinoor City, Kirol Road,
Kurla (W), Mumbai - 400 070

How will I know the status of my Claim?

The status of the claim would be known by calling on customer care toll free number 1-800-2121-212 or by writing to us on

Who is entitled to receive the benefit?

The claim monies is paid to the beneficiary who generally is:
1. Nominee
2. Assignee in case of assignment
3. Appointee in case the nominee is a minor
4. The proposer in case the policy is not on own life
5. Life Assured himself/ herself in case of policy on own life for living benefit claims i.e. claims under disability, critical illness and Hospital cash benefit

How will the claimant receive the claim amount?

The company honours claim payments through cheque or through NEFT as per the convenience of the claimant.

How will I know the status of my Claim?

The status of the claim would be known by calling on customer care toll free number 1-800-2121-212 or by writing to us on